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Reinsurance Leader

Korean Re creates long-term value for its clients, shareholders and the larger society.

Korean Re, a leading reinsurance company in Asia, is striving to be one of the top tier reinsurers in the world. We recognize creative value, nurture global talent and create value for our stakeholders.

Welcome to Korean Re Switzerland!

Korean Re is a global reinsurer that provides clients with high-quality reinsurance services and risk management solutions as their reliable business partner since 1963.

Protecting our clients' assets and helping them grow sustainably is our paramount goal. Risks are intensifying and becoming more diverse and complex, particularly amid growing intensity and frequency of natural disasters. It is no surprise that the value of risk management through reinsurance is increasing more than ever in this interconnected and volatile world.

Drawing on our more than 60 years of expertise and experience in the reinsurance business, we make every possible effort to ensure our clients' balance sheets are best protected. Korean Re's financial strength (S&P, AM Best) is amongst the best-rated of the reinsurance companies.

We are serving you as a reliable, client-focused and competent partner in all areas of your business through high-quality reinsurance services and risk management solutions for all classes of business, tailored to your needs.

Korean Re Switzerland is Korean Re's European P&C hub striving to make our vision 2050 happen. We look forward to your continued engagement and relationship with us.

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