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Mission & Vision

• Mission

We are committed to providing reinsurance services of the highest possible standards to deliver value for our clients, shareholders, and employees and ultimately support their growth and prosperity.

Value-Creating Reinsurance Leader

A new challenge toward the next 50 years

We aim to become a top-class reinsurer, realize creative value and nurture global talent.

• Vision 2050

We serve to protect your future

Build the foundation

of improving global


First Stage

(By 2020)

Second Stage

(By 2030)

Sharpen the expertise of underwriting and risk management

Third Stage

(By 2050)

Solidify global market dominance






June 28

S&P Global Ratings assigned 'A' rating to Korean Reinsurance Switzerland AG

May / June

Executive management team joins Korean Re Switzerland:

Markus A. Eugster as CEO,  Jazmin Seijas Nogareda as CFO, and Leo Choi as COO

July 12

Incorporation and registration of Korean Reinsurance Switzerland AG ("Korean Re Switzerland") in Commercial Register of the Canton of Zurich

Dec 15

Resolution by the Board of Directors of Korean Reinsurance Company, Seoul, to establish a Swiss reinsurance subsidiary

June 1

FINMA reinsurance license becomes effective (FINMA Certificate)


Our Team

Markus A. Eugster

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Hinz

Deputy Chief Underwriting Officer

Evelyn Gaus


Sven Siegin

Head of Risk Management and Compliance

Leo Choi

Chief Operating Officer

Karam Jo

Senior Underwriter

Marion Vantorre


Cinthya Sanchez Menendez

Senior Financial Accountant

Jazmin Seijas Nogareda

Chief Financial Officer

Felix Rubin

Senior Pricing Actuary

Nicolas Weisskopf


Board of Directors

Chul Min Jang (Chairman)

June 2015 Managing Director

Since 1990 with Korean Re

Oscar S.K. Oh

July 2016 Head of Overseas Property Treaty Team

Since 1995 with Korean Re

Reinhard Thoennissen

1992 – 2019 various senior management positions in Allianz, including CUO of Allianz Re.

Start of reinsurance career in 1979


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